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Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Programming Consulting for Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Incentive Compensation, Mining and Governments.
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Web Hosting

We provide hosting or implement on your servers.
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About Us

The Blue Grid is owned and operated by The Blue Grid AB Ltd from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We have had clients from across North America. We are experienced IT professionals who have worked for many years developing and supporting computer systems for businesses large and small. As part of this, we also have trained users on new technology, as well as developed standards and documentation for computer users.

We have been building websites and hosting websites since 2002. As time has passed we have evolved as the changes in Technology have advanced. In addition to working in more traditional Information Technology roles for Clients, we have implemented and upgraded Online stores, Profiles, and information Apps for Companies, institutions, and clients.

Over time we have progressed through the use of a variety of tools and technology. More recently we have worked with WordPress and PHP, but have also tackled applications that use Microsoft toolsets and databases.

In the world of technological change, we always are looking forward to the next challenge and where that might take us.

Roger Nelson

The profile of the Principal Consultant Roger Nelson profile can be viewed at

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