Log-in Account and Personalized Access: Set Up

April 24, 2023
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Setting Up a Log-in Account

Log-in Account: Recently I have been working to add to some sites the ability for users to create a Log-in Account for the purposes of engagement with the site for either subscriptions to news updates or purchase of Products and Services. In order to do this, the first step is installing an account management system with a customized profile and log-in screen.

Adding a Log-In Account function can be a challenging task, if one does not just confine themselves to the WordPress defaults. this means going beyond these defaults, sorting out which of many available plugins to choose from without being overwhelmed with a long list of capabilities, options and licensing options for advanced features that you likely are not going to use but you will be paying for.

I managed to configure for this site a basic system to achieve this task and conveniently hide it in the Footer. I am now ready to add this to other sites, that might need this.

I have since removed this capability from this page, as it is not really a feature that I want to offer from here. I can easily offer a comment page for readers of the site to provide me with feedback. The comments will be moderated.

It will certainly appear on other sites that I have put together.



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