February 22, 2023

A New Look for an Old Website

I decided it’s time to update the Website for The Blue Grid. The current site was built before I started to use WordPress, and used CSS and HTML, while it handles rendering on smaller screens including Cell Phones, it really did start to show it’s age. In addition, it did not reflect the types of websites that I can easily
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July 14, 2022

New Web Sites and conversions to new Themes

New Web Sites and conversions to new Themes I have been working with the new WordPress theme for several months, and I have just completed two sites, which show some of the flexibility of the Tool, one is for the Mount Kobau Star Party www.mksp.ca. I have supported this site for 8 years now since 2014.  This is a full
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December 19, 2021

More changes – New Capabilities

More changes planned, I have decided to work with the Theme Co Pro Theme. As this offers virtually unlimited flexibility to build sites without the constraint of purchase and adapting themes from various sources as I have been doing up to now and suffering the creative constraints placed upon the you by the creators of these themes. I have also
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September 27, 2020

Updating the Portfolio of Websites Supported

We are in the process of converting all the current websites to WordPress.  This will allow us to maintain and update these in the future.  In addition, we are adding more sites for other clients. Some of the recent conversions are: http://rogernelson.com http://rogernelson.ca Some others in development are: A replacement for: www.mksp.ca A Web site for the Mount Kobau Star
December 11, 2010

New websites for the Blue Grid

Working on new websites this weekend. The websites have come and gone.Don’t forget to stop by our website for more info www.thebluegrid.com
September 24, 2010

Graham Pettman

I have been working on a website for a leading Canadian Artist, Graham Pettman for some time.  Lately I have returned to developing it.  In the past 24 hours I have added more photos of his work and some links to articles about him. (Update 2023: this website has long been retired; it was a pleasure to being able to
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September 24, 2010

The Blue Grid Blog has arrived!

Arrived! We have arrived! Welcome to the Blue Grid Blog where the latest news is saved and displayed.
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