New Sites that I have produced and converted with new Theme

July 14, 2022
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I have been working with the new WordPress theme for several months, and I have just completed two sites, which show some of the flexibility of the Tool, one is for the Mount Kobau Star Party I have supported this site for 8 years now since 2014.  This is a full conversion to WordPress.   Previously it had been developed using PHP.  In 2014/15, I had converted most of it to HTML, as this was really what was required, and I have provided support for it since that time. At that time, I used Dreamweaver to maintain the code.

The second is for me.  It is this is my Astronomy site, where I show information on different topics and research that I have done.

Both sites have both a story archive and a portfolio of images.  I have also been adding valuable tables of information that is useful for Observing/Stargazing.

I have also added hosting a few other sites and I am willing to add more and seek clients for this.


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